Why Do People See the Economy as Some Force over which They Have No Control?

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    I think it's basically because "that's the way we're 'trained' to think of money": the price-tag is 'the final authority' (rather than 'just a suggestion') on the relative-value (in dollars-&-cents) of an object available for sale---NO Wiggle-room on that, and employees can ONLY let it go for that-much (even though they-themselves pay NOTHING for it) or else they risk 'getting fired.'

    They are not aware that PEOPLE set those prices. Sure, maybe they set those prices 'in accord with some equation involving "cost" & "retail expenses" etc.'; but in the end the price is just 'whatever the owner decides it should be.'

    Another reason might be the media's constant repetition of the misunderstanding (that the economy is some uncontrollable force).

    The 'straw that broke the camel's back' & inspired this question was a story from the BUSINESS section of the Sunday Oklahoman (I don't remember the Bedford-rules for 'titles of newspapers' :rolleyes:). I might write some of this in a

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    , but maybe their story (which is ABOUT 'why the average worker doesn't FEEL the economy's improvement due to the inflation that comes with it) mentions the people-powered-pricing.

    Why doesn't that get mentioned more-often---with a 'they are charging this much' instead of a 'the price IS this much'?
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    I think that a lot of people actually like to find a reason that they are struggling, but there are plenty of things that they do about it. Okay, so the economy of the country as a whole might have been struggling for quite a while, but each individual has the responsibility for themselves to say hang on, I have the chance to do something about my own personal situation, and do everything that they can in order to cut back on the amount of money that they are spending each month. If more people did that, there would be much fewer people getting into difficulties. It's very easy to blame somebody or something else, but doing that isn't going to solve any of your problems at all.