Why Does Media Assume that Nikki's Making It Personal?

Discussion in Charitable Causes started by mythman • Dec 4, 2014.

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    Mar 21, 2014
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    Can't she just be 'using some familiar names to express some universal feelings'?

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    she 'reveals her abortion-history in a new rap.' She's rapping these things; why do reporters-etc. believe that she's "admitting things into historical record"? (I could 'sing/rap/write' that I aborted a fetus, married nine wives & was crowned King-of-America; and you can believe that before you can believe that 'what Nikki Minaj raps about' is the actual truth!)

    Or is it because she names some names that are exactly like the names of some people in her life (her brother, her old boyfriend, the name she would've given to a child she didn't have)?

    I guess I'm asking about 'that fourth wall'---the wall between reality & 'imagination/fantasy' ('fourth wall' refers to "the apparent screen through which the audience views the performance-on stage or -in studio). Why must 'the story that Nicki Minaj tells us' HAVE ACTUALLY HAPPENED? Did anybody ask her?
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    Sep 21, 2013
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    Sorry - but I'm not going to defend anyone who is that public for anything they say or do. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the celebrity beast. If you are going to be famous, you have to take everything that comes with it, including the responsibility for everything you say and do from now on. The media is going to print whatever sells, whether it is truth or not - but the fact is, if Nikki Minaj didn't want bad press, she probably just needed to not become famous.

    I feel like music, more than any other industry, has the power to influence people - because we hear it, memorize, regurgitate it, have it on as white noise all the time... singers and songwriters might not like how much influence they have, but it is there. They need to be responsible for how it comes across.