Why Is It Hard To Find Evap Parts

Discussion in Gas & Electricity started by pafjlh • Mar 14, 2015.

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    Yes, we still have an Evap Cooler on our home. We also have an air conditioning unit, but my dad chose to keep the Evap Unit on The House when he had the air conditioning installed. His feeling was that in the spring months such as March and April the Evap Unit could still be used and not use as much energy.

    I have to say he had a bright idea. It does save money to keep both units on the house. Yes, it does mean work transferring one to the other, and it does require maintenance of both. Last summer we noticed that the Evap Cooler was working right and turned out some of its parts did need to be replaced due to erosion. But this was easier said then done. We found one of the part at Home Depot, but another part was hard to come by. No home improvement store had it, and it seem like all the Evap parts stores that use to be in our area went out of business. I know that this unit isn't used as much these days especially in Arizona, but its still being made none the less. Finally we found a store a bit further out that did have the part. I guess its a good thing that these parts don't go out too often.