Windows 10 Eating Up Data Caps

Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by ohiotom76 • Aug 18, 2015.

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    You would think Microsoft would have taken this into consideration, before baking in so many spying features and forcing auto updates with Windows 10...even my Samsung Note 3 is smart enough to not download large files when on my mobile data plan instead of Wi-Fi...

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    Apparently Windows 10 doesn't care what type of internet connection you are on, and will continue to automatically download and install Windows updates in the background - even if, say, you're travelling and using your cell phone's mobile data plan, which might cap out at something like 2GB or 4GB or whatever.

    A person mentioned in the article got slapped with a $400 bill from her provider due to Windows 10 updating so much on her computer while she was away.
  2. troutski

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    Jul 15, 2014
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    I feel like this is just a bunch of idiots failing to set their settings and preferences for downloads. Every time I go to download something in Windows 10, my laptop prompts me to download over WiFi only, and I've seen that setting all over the place. People are being lazy and not looking at their settings. It's as simple as that. Windows 10 DOES notify you of large installations and downloads, and then it prompts you for WiFi-only downloads.

    If you're using your mobile data connection, there's no reason you should not know what the current setting is on your device for downloads.
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    I haven't gotten around to upgrading to Windows 10 yet , but I have heard that they are stilling add things to it. Usually, my computer will let me know when there is something to download and let me decide when to do it. Maybe updating your settings would help , I don't know, but when I upgrade I'm going to check into that to make sure I have it where it will ask me first.
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