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    There are actually quite a few sites like these out there, but this is one of my current favorites due to the selection of applications it offers. Previously I had only been checking out for free apps, but their selection is not quite as good. In addition, you only have one day to install the app, otherwise you miss it. And in some cases they were only offering a "6 month" free trial, not a lifetime. Or in some other cases, the "free" copy they were giving away was an older version of the software.

    However gets much better programs, commercial antiviruses, VPN apps, etc... and you often have at least a couple days or so before the offers expire. Just hit the "Giveaways" tab for the 100% free programs. Or the other tabs offer steep discounts on many other programs as well.
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    I checked out the site. Some of the software offered is indeed available free of charge, but a lot of those applications and programs aren't that highly reviewed by publications. There are definitely a couple of gems on the site, including BitDefender as of right now, but I doubt I'd use this site very often. I use a limited number of programs, and they're not going to show up on this site, unfortunately.
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