Would You Make a Pink Pony Promise?

Discussion in Charitable Causes started by DesignerMum • Oct 22, 2014.

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    The brand here is

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    , a well-known designer brand with products that range from ordinary sporting goods to t-shirts and perfumes. It asks buyers to respond to the issue of fighting cancer. To get started we need to pledge a promise using the Pink Pony Promise template and then take a picture of ourselves with the promise, then post our images on Instagram for others to see. The campaign starts on October 1 and lasts for the entire month. Tag five friends to start the discussion.

    This does not immediately make me the smartest buyer yet, but it does have the two aspects I mentioned above. Would you participate in the #PinkPonyPromise and why? I would participate up to making the pledge and sending in my photographs holding the Pink Pony Promise, but I would not be circulating their message on my Instagram.

    Using the smart shopping strategy, I tend to get redirected to deals such as the Pink Pony Promise from Polo. These deals have a combination of doing good to receive, in which if you help others you will receive help and being social about social issues. The smart shopping strategy is basically just a strategy I have to find inspiring and meaningful shopping deals.

    What about you?