Your influences of toys in your child's life

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    Growing up, I had a myriad of toys, but none of which were considered expensive coinciding a lower-middle class family. As many kids around me tended to trendy toys, I stuck with my old toys for many years.

    Has the way you were brought up with the type of toys you played scaled accordingly to what your children play when they were kids, or has their toy collection exceeded that of your own upbringing? Maybe it has gone in reverse or maybe their attention lies somewhere else.
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    Hm, what an interesting question...I haven't really sat down to consider this before. I would say I was in a similar situation to you; not poor but not a huge expense spent on toys either. I was content a lot of the time to just use my imagination xD. I guess I try to provide for my son more than I ever had, but it's so much about the quantity to me as the 'quality' in a sense...the direction of it. I try to get things that promote learning, engage in science or culture, cultivate creativity and artistic efforts. Especially important to me for my boy who would totally spend his entire day with video games if that were an option.
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    When I was growing up I got toys that people threw away. My stepfather was a garbage man. Which meant I was a few years behind everyone else. It sounds sadder than it was. People threw out a lot of cool toys back then. What else is interesting is that I still have many of these toys and have passed some of them on to my god children. I realized that because my god kids are spoiled rotten by their mother and consider themselves too cool for old school that this was a terrible decision on my part.

    I always appreciated the things I got even if other kids would have just wanted to throw them away. I think that influenced the way I treated them but soon realized that action figures or random toys are not what kids are interested in today. Seems like everything has to be electronic and take little to no effort to operate. It's sad.
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    I don't think so. My kid cousins just have the same toys as I had, only to enough to play and not too much that some and a lot would have to be stashed. In our family we moderate in everything. We don't try to spend too much on something and spoil ourselves. It's the reason I think why are pretty uniform and just right with everything without having to exceed too much on a lot of things like foods, money, clothes and of course toys.
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