Zebco Penguins Fishing Combo–2 PK 9.99 and 5.00 shipping at Woot Kids

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    I love Woot but I had no idea they started a kids site!
    From the deal on Woot KidsL

    With these two 30” light-action 1-piece rod and reel combos, all the magic and excitement of the world of fishing will be right at your fingertips, no game console or HD television required! These pre-spooled “controllers” are equipped with 6 lb. line that responds instantly to any watery critter caught on your hook. All you need is a fish-filled body of water, a well-meaning father, and a weekend where you could be doing something more exciting, and you’re all set for a wet and wild time you’re sure to not appreciate until you have children of your own.

    Level up skills like Character Building, Patient Resignation, and Forced Parental Bonding. Practice your casting skills with the awesome fish-shaped casting plug. Enjoy tons of different Challenge modes like “Catch The Most Fish,” “Catch The Biggest Fish,” and “Oh Look, Dad’s Asleep, Let’s Row Back To The Car And Play Pokémon Until He Wakes Up.” Stare out across the water for hours without saying a word, just like you do with your television screen. It’s all here in the adjustable drag and kid-proof line guides of this Penguins of Madagascar Rod & Reel Combos 2-pack.

    Don’t just dance around in front of a video game camera. Immerse yourself in boredom and stink of a sport that may one day help feed your family. Cast a line toward a sort-of-adventure today!